Roof Inspections

When considering a roof inspection, it helps to know what you are after.

When you ask for a roof inspection, we are thinking that you are looking for a report of some kind. If we write up a report, and then sign it, that is a billable item. If we come out and look at your roof, it is ok if you call it an inspection, but it won’t be for a specific purpose other than to estimate a roof leak, new roof, or a problem you are having. We usually don’t charge for this, as it is usually regarding a specific problem and is considered an estimate. A formal roof inspection with report is a billable item, and usually serves a specific purpose. Usually, if you’re just looking to see what shape your roof is in, we can give you that report verbally while we are there, or even after on the phone. This can be at no charge, when we come to look at a roof leak or measure the roof for a new one.

Has your insurance company sent you a letter about your roof, or told you that you must get an inspection before they will cover your home?

There are different reasons that your insurance company will want you to have your roof inspected. We have heard many different things from many different people. We can assist with this as we have referrals for you if we cannot assist you with your inspection. Insurance companies typically want one of a variety of inspections by qualified inspectors (which is not us in most cases):

  • Wind mitigation inspection – this inspection consists of items that the insurance companies want to know of your home that affect the storm rating on your home. They want to know of upgrades of roofing, windows, garage doors, doors, and other openings. Also, there are discounts that can be available with this inspection. It is important that you have your wind mitigation report updated when you get a new roof. There is a certain qualification that is needed to complete this inspection.
  • RCCF – or Roof Conditions Certification Form – This form tells the insurance company the direct condition of your roof currently. We usually refer this to a qualified inspector as they know the current forms and process to make sure it is done correctly for you to get the credit.
  • Four Point Inspection – This inspection is of the Air Conditioning, Roofing, Electrical, and Plumbing. This is also done by a qualified inspector that knows what the insurance companies are after.

Are you buying or selling a home? Also pertaining to Realtors.

  • We are best utilized when there is a home inspection that has already been done. With this, all the problems have been identified and we can focus on them. Once we have seen the issues we can adequately estimate so you can proceed with making decisions regarding the sale or a purchase of a home.
  • We can also perform a basic roof inspection that is rooftop only and write up a report of the general condition of the roof. Pricing depends on location and size of home.
  • For the detail oriented we can perform a comprehensive roof inspection that will be a rooftop and attic inspection, with a detailed report including pictures, and can also include repair estimate proposals and budget proposals for a new roof.

Has anyone been on the roof lately?

  • We offer a Roofing Once Over which includes cleaning the roof and gutters of debris, checking for broken tiles or anything obvious, also checking the vents for screens.
  • This is a good idea for people who cannot get on their roof, or see it from the ground, or who do not have other persons to just check the roof for anything obvious.

Seen something you don’t like or think something is wrong?

  • Is your roof dirty, or is the roof needing to be replaced?
  • Maybe some tree limbs have brushed to roof and you need to see if they have went all the way through.

Seeing stains or a wet area on your ceiling or other area.

  • Seeing a wet spot usually triggers a call for us to come look at fixing a roof leak. Sometimes this may be the air conditioning unit that backed up, but still needs to be checked out.
  • Also, we have seen water come out of the bottom of the wall and wet carpet, tile, and wood flooring. This usually happens on the exterior walls of concrete block homes.

Seen rotten fascia.

  • Rotten fascia can be seen from the ground usually. Rotten fascia is sometimes superficial, but other times is an indicator of further roof damage.
  • Rotten soffit goes along with rotten fascia. If the soffit is rotten, it usually means somthing is wrong with the roof.
We are getting caught up!
Now we are weeks away from starting work, rather than months. Repairs and service work we are also flexible and may be able to get to a situation rather quickly. The best thing to do is leave a voicemail or email us.
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