So, we get a call from a frantic customer and they are not happy when we tell them it will be a few days before we can go look at the “worst roof leak ever” (customer’s words). Fortunately, we had an opening sooner than later and was able to meet with the customer’s contractor first thing in the morning, the very next day. All we got was that yesterday’s rain made it leak really bad and these kitchen cabinets are going to get ruined, unless we fix this roof leak now.

They were all set to have us do a huge roof repair, similar to one we did several years ago on the other side of the front entry. Now this problem is on the opposite side and “appears” to be what needs to be done. We were more than enthused, since that was a pretty big job, and let’s face it, we were in all the way.

Well, we are not easily swayed into action when our philosophy is to find out what the problem is first (if at all possible), and then fix it. Not the other way around. This is even when the carrot is right there where we can grab it. After all, the only reason we are there is because there is water pouring out of a can light in the kitchen. Otherwise, we would be somewhere else. So the question is, “Why?”

A really bad roof leak in Naples, FL

Water pouring out of can light in a Naples, FL kitchen after heavy rain.

So the story goes on…

After a few moments of despair and awkward conversation with the customer’s contractor, the roofer said “I need to get in the attic and see what the problem is!”

AC Pan full of water and Posing as Roof Leak in Naples, FL

AC Pan posing as roof leak

Notice the top side of the can light in the bottom center of the photo above.

So looking at the underside of the plywood roof decking in the attic, there was absolutely no evidence of any roof leak. The air condition overflow pan was full of water. This particular unit has a condensate line coming out of the machine and also a secondary line to drain the overflow pan underneath of the unit. Both of these lines were clogged and not draining. So every bit of water coming out of the unit was going into the kitchen.

Roof Repair Naples, FL

A/C pan full of water posing as a roof leak

Apparently, once it starts raining, the humidity level goes up and makes it even worse. This is why the customer associated the problem with the rain.

Either way, they got what they wanted, because now they are just minutes away from getting the water to stop pouring in. They turned off the air conditioning unit, and that alone is miles ahead of where they were yesterday. After the condensate lines are unclogged and flowing, they will at least not have water flooding the kitchen anymore.

Now it’s time to call the drywall company!

Believe it or not, this is a common call that we get. It is worth investigating, because we have had several cases where the roof was leaking and the A/C was also overflowing. Although, that scenario is very rare. Most of the time, water leaking from the ceiling is a roof leak. Either way, we will be sending a bill if we discover the air conditioning is the problem and the roof is not. There are a few questions that can be answered to investigate this issue, but that is for another time.

I think the reason I am writing this post is because the customer was set on having us repair the valley-cricket combo. A huge roof repair.

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