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Broken Roof Tile Repair

Broken Tiles Replaced


We can repair and replace broken roof tiles on most concrete and clay tile roofs. Depending on the system, the availability of roof tile, and budget, we will determine the best course of action. We have many discontinued roofing tile that we have collected over the years that we can use to repair your broken roof tile. Broken roof tiles can cause leaks to occur, as well as being unsightly.



Why should I repair my broken roof tiles?

Repairing the broken roof tiles will help keep the ultraviolet rays of the sun off of the tile underlayment, which ultimately keeps the roof from leaking. In the roof tile system where the underlayment is the primary method of keeping the roof from leaking, it is important to keep the underlayment protected. Broken roof tile allows the underlayment to be exposed. Over time, it will break down.

Some systems depend on the roof tile as the primary method of keeping water out of the system. The tiles are an important part of this system. Letting the water run under the tile in these types of systems can cause the roof to leak.

Broken roof tile can make the roof look messy and unsightly. After the roof is cleaned is a good time to have it checked out, this way the roof gets put back together and not walked on for a while.

Broken roof tile can slip off the roof during high winds. This is especially true for steeper roofs. This is not an epidemic, but can happen. That is when most people know something is wrong, because they found a piece of tile on the ground which made them look up. Then they see a dark shadow where the tile used to be.

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