Roof Debris Removal

Roof Debris Removal

Debris build up on the roof can cause damage over time. As the debris piles up it blocks water from draining and will then start to “fill up” and get inside the roof system. Over time, the water will corrode the fasteners and eventually get past the underlayment and make its way to the wood decking. Removing this debris will keep the water draining off of the roof properly and prolong the life of the roof. Most conventional roofing materials are designed to “shed” water not “hold” water.


Roof Debris Removal on a Mobile Home

Removing Debris From Roof Helps the Flow of Water

Even a mobile home can benefit from getting debris removed from the roof. The gutter does not even exist in this photo. The leaves have taken up all the space for drainage. We have been called out to many homes where the resolution was removing the leaves and debris from the roof and gutters. In this scenario the water backs up and fills up the pan roof. This roof was not designed to “hold” water. It was designed to “drain” water.


Tree Growing out of Roof in Naples, FL

Removing Roof Debris Goes Along with Gutter Cleaning

When we come to your home or business to clean the gutters, we also clean all the debris off of the roof. This gives the roof a fresh start. Now the rain will drain off of the roof area and gutters properly. This is a customized service, because different homes have different situations and time lines. There are trees that people do not want to part with and some homes don’t have trees. The debris will be just over the downspout drain and nowhere else.

Once we have visited your home or office once, the next time should be the same amount. We can add you to our maintenance client list and send you  a reminder for us to come and remove the roof debris and clean all the gutters.

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