Roof Vent for Dryer Inspection and Cleaning

Dryer Roof Vent LintCleaning dryer vent hoods on the roof is another important item to have done periodically. We only clean the lint from the roof vent hood itself. We do not clean the duct system all the way to the dryer. We recommend to have us do it 2 times in a year, and then have the specific dryer roof vent and duct cleaning service with the large vacuums and cleaning brushes come in on the next rotation to clean the duct system from the roof vent all the way to the dryer. This roof vent was nearly all the way clogged. The screen is in place to keep out rodents. There usually is a damper that automatically closes when air is not being forced out. Some codes don’t allow screens on dryer vents. If a damper is in place, you probably don’t need a screen.

Why do you need your dryer roof vent cleaned out?

A clogged dryer roof vent will make your dryer work harder to dry your clothes. If you have ever asked yourself, “Why is it taking so long, it didn’t seem to take this long before?” It is probably because the dryer lint has blocked most of the air from passing through. As soon as the roof vent is cleaned out, your clothes will dry in no time.

When it takes so long to dry the clothes, the energy used will end up costing much more. The dryer uses lots of electricity. So over time this can really add up.

Condominiums should have their dryer roof vents checked as well. it is not uncommon to have multiple units using the same roof vent. Also, these buildings can be 2 or 3 stories, so no one goes up there unless there is a problem.

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