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We Can Fix Your Roof Leaks!

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Roofing Repair - Naples, FL

We Can Fix Your Roof Leaks

Roof Leaking? Damaged or Rotten Fascia? Missing or broken Roofing tiles? We have the ability to repair most any roof. Re-roofing may not be the most desired option and repairing can get the job done in the meantime. If your roof is leaking, call Sunshine Roofing of Southwest FL, Inc.

Sunshine Roofing of SW FL, Inc. is a premier Roofing Repair Service in Naples, FL. Sunshine Roofing can handle the smallest roofing repairs and service calls to very large multi-building roofing repairs. We also clean gutters, remove debris from roofs, and can perform gutter repairs.

Need An Estimate for Roofing Repair?

After you contact us we will establish a time to come out and take a look at your situation. After we evaluate what it is that needs to happen, we will then provide you with a written estimate to repair at no charge. This is really the best way to go about it, as there are many different situations, and sometimes several solutions. The age of the roof compared to cost of repair sometimes needs to be analyzed. In these times, we can get a “budget” quote to you fairly quickly to make decisions.

We have been specializing in roof repairs since the early days of Sunshine Roofing. Things have changed over the years with respect to how we do things, but it seems that the basic elements are what makes our roofing repair service different.

Roofing Repair Philosophy

Our philosophy on roof repairs is two fold.

  1. First, we want to repair the problem area to a degree that it is now working as part of the overall roof system. Most of the time, a small patch, does not do it. A small patch on the roof may only last a couple of years. If you instead patch it with like materials, or better materials, it will outlast the rest of the roof. Using this same concept and then going farther and wider makes it last longer. Once we are on site, going another couple of feet to tie things together is not very costly. It is in the coming back, setting up and opening up the roof system again where the higher costs are. We want to repair the roof so it lasts the life of the existing roof system.
  2. Second, there is a concept of a system within a system. So a valley, hip, chimney, skylight, or cricket, for instance, is a separate system or situation within the main roof system itself. Therefore, there are termination points that may need to be tied in with, in order to achieve our first philosophy. Trying to tie in to places in the middle of a situation is sometimes risky and can cause future problems. Going all the way to the top will, most likely, ensure that it will be solid.

Similar to auto repairs, parts will break down before the main car itself is ready to quit. A roof system’s parts should last the typical life of the rest of the roof, but this is not always the case. This is where periodic maintenance comes into play. Just like changing the oil on your vehicle, a roof needs to be looked at periodically as well. Typically once a year. While cleaning the leaves, dirt, pine needles, and other debris off of the roof and out of the gutters, we can look over the roof to see if anything looks like it will cause problems in the near future.

So what does our Roofing Philosophy mean for you?

It means that we want to get the roof leak or roof repair done completely the first go around. Water testing and attic crawling are two ways to accomplish this by finding out what is going on and then solving the problem instead of just repairing damage. We are very thorough in our approach so the time you spend getting past your roofing issues won’t come back up again. Now, we have our fair share of leaks that don’t get solved the first go around and one thing is for sure, we will be back if that happens. We don’t quit until the problem is solved.

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