Roofing Maintenance Services Naples, FL

Roofing Maintenance Naples, FL

We Can Fix Your Roof Leaks


Periodic roofing maintenance is a necessity for getting the life out of a roofing system.

Finding roofing problems when they are manageable will save from having to replace the entire roof prematurely.

There are several reasons to maintain your roof so that it will last longer than if you did not maintain it.

Save money on expensive repairs by maintaining the roof on an ongoing basis. Every roof ages differently and needs to have someone looking at it from time to time.

Roofing Maintenance can help you get the life out of your roof system!

Here are a few money saving suggestions to help preserve your roof and give it a longer life:

  • Broken Roof Tile Replacement – Repairing broken roofing tile keeps the underlayment protected. Also may keep water out of the tile system.
  • Roof Coating Inspect and Maintain – Coatings have to be maintained to get better performance and to get the life out of the system.
  • Gutter Cleaning and Repair – Gutters backing up can cause water to get behind the roof system, and rotting out the fascia.
  • Roof Debris Removal – Keeping leaves and debris off of the roof lets water run down as intended. Leaves and debris can let water run into the roof system which is not good.
  • Flat Roof Inspect and Maintain – Flat roofs can develop bubbles, cuts, punctures, and material shrinkage, which if left alone will cause roof leaks.
  • Roof Drain Inspection and Cleaning – As well as checking the material, roof drains getting clogged can cause lots of water to pile up and cause major damage. If there is a roof leak during a situation where a drain backs up, the leak can continue and let the water drain through the new hole in the roof instead of the roof drain.
  • Commercial Roofing Inspect and Maintain – Inspecting for broken tiles, roof drains, bubbles, cuts, trash, etc.
  • Condominium Inspect and Maintain – Broken tiles are a common item for condominiums, but also penetrations should be looked at periodically.
  • Dryer Vent Inspection on Roof – Clogged dryer vents can be dangerous in the right circumstance. Cleaning this out can also save energy. If the dryer is not able to remove the moisture from the dryer, then it is only working off of heat, which will take up to 4 times as long. This is expensive.


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