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Roof Debris Removal on a Mobile Home


Dryer vent check and clean


We are offering a service where we accomplish several necessary tasks with respect to your roof. This roofing maintenance should be done, at least, twice a year. Depending on your specific situation, the Roofing Once Over may need to be done more often. The following items are included in the Roofing Once Over quoted price. Anything we find that is not included in the Roofing Once Over service itself will be listed and quoted with another service proposal. The object of this service is to attend to the obvious and put experienced eyes on the roof to see if anything is needing attention.

  1. Remove Roof Debris from roof – this would include leaves, sticks, newspapers, balls, rocks, etc. from the roof covering.
  2. Clean Gutters – Remove all debris from gutters, if downspouts are clogged, wash out and unclog. If there is an extra pipe after the downspout, we will quote in extra proposal.
  3. Check Roof Drains and/or Scuppers – Debris gets trapped at these areas. We will check to ensure they are clear. The drain pipes themselves may have to be cleared as well, this may end up at our normal time and material rate. Missing strainers will also be listed.
  4. Check Dryer Vent – Unclog the vent on the roof only. If the duct is also clogged, this will need to be handled by the dryer vent cleaning service. They have tools to get the ducts clean.
  5. Check the Attic Vents for Screens – The attic vents are a rodent access point. Any screens or repairs will be quoted in the extra proposal. This will also include ridgevent end plugs, sometimes they work themselves out and are an open hole for rodents.
  6. Send proposal – report for extra work needed: Then it is your choice – our job is to bring it to your attention!
    • Check for Broken Tiles – Count all broken tiles and hip caps. This will be quoted in extra proposal.
    • (Metal Roofing) – Check for High Screws – a couple of screws can be handled while we are there, otherwise this will be quoted in the extra proposal.
    • Check for anything obvious – Anything that sticks out to us we will be quoted on the proposal. This will include protruding fasteners, special situations, rodent access, tree cutting recommendations, general items that just don’t look good.
    • Gutter extensions  – If the gutters and gutter system are bad enough that we cannot reasonably get them to an acceptable state within our quoted Once Over time period.
    • Check the Attic Vent Screens – If the vents need screens or need screen repairs.
    • Roof Drain clogs or clogs past the roof line – If we can’t get it unclogged easily, then a plumber may have to be called in with special equipment.
    • Rotten Fascia – rotten fascia is a sign of more trouble. We have found rotten fascia in the past and it can be isolated or further water damage up into the roof.
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