Asphalt Shingle Roofing

Asphalt Shingle Roofing

Asphalt Shingle Roofing

Asphalt shingles are a good and reasonable choice for many homes. Asphalt shingles can provide many years of low maintenance performance in many different climates. Asphalt shingles can be installed on slopes as low as 2″ in 12″ and are repairable at lower costs than many other types of roof coverings.

Sunshine Roofing of SW FL provides top notch re-roofing and new construction installation of asphalt shingle roofing in the Naples, Golden Gate, Marco Island, and Bonita Springs areas of Florida. If you are looking for a first rate roofing contractor that is fully licensed and insured, to re-roof your home, please contact Sunshine Roofing!

There are several different manufacturers of asphalt shingles that have approvals for the Southwest Florida area. Some of the manufacturers we use are TAMKO, Certainteed, and GAF. These are the brands typically found with the local roofing distributors we utilize. We can get our hands on other manufacturers as well.

Asphalt shingles are supplied from a 30 year rating to a 50 year rating. Even though the word “lifetime” is used, the warranties are still written and pro-rated for 30 to 50 year periods.

There is little difference between a new construction asphalt shingle roofing installation and a re-roof asphalt shingle installation, except the tear off of the existing roof covering. Even though the Florida Building Code currently “does not” require self adhered underlayment for new construction, we are doing it anyway. This way, when the insurance company inquires or requires, it is already done. This provides additional value to the home owner with discounts on insurance premiums. A new construction work site is also without landscaping or finished driveways, so the staging aspect is a little easier to deal with (which means less time).

Asphalt Shingle Roofing Upgrades

Besides upgrading to 50 year or designer asphalt shingles, many other items can be upgraded to differentiate your roof from your neighbors roof, when you are getting a new roof.

  Roof Flashings

The dripedge, valley metal, and other flashings can be upgraded to aluminum, stainless, custom colors, or copper. These are typically custom fabricated by sheet metal shops, and can add some individuality to your roof. This can and would include the off ridge vents for the attic, the dryer roof vent, and the stove roof vent.

  Roofing Fasteners

The roofing nails to install the asphalt shingles can be upgraded to stainless steel instead of the standard electro-plated galvanized roofing nails. Stainless roofing nails are available to use in the roofing coil nailers that are popular with installers.

  Attic Ventilation

More roofing ventilation can be added. Solar powered roof vents, ridge vents, and also off ridge vents can be custom fitted to provide more air flow for the attic. This needs to be analyzed, because adding different kinds of vents can actually limit air flow. If a ridge vent and an off ridge vent or solar powered roof vent are installed in the same vicinity, then the lower vent will be the intake and the upper vent will be the exhaust. This will limit how much air is pulled in through the vented soffit. So make sure that someone has gone over it again if more ventilation is desired.


Adding gutters or replacing gutters. We do not install gutters. We will either refer you to a gutter company, or hire the gutter company to install gutters for us. We do perform gutter repairs, gutter cleaning, and minor gutter retrofits.


If you currently have skylights installed, they can be replaced. If you don’t have skylights installed, then a re-roof would be the perfect time to install them.

     Traditional Skylight

A traditional skylight can be retrofitted without too much trouble. A building contractor would have to get involved to handle the work required to form it up in the house. We can install the curb, flashing, and the skylight.

     Tube Skylight

A tube skylight can be installed completely by Sunshine Roofing. All that is needed indoors is the planning of the tubing in the attic and a hole cut in drywall. The sheet metal tube is self contained and installed in the attic. This type of skylight is passive and reflects the light to a diffuser lens inside the home where it spreads out the light that is reflected down from the roof surface. The tube skylights are not for every situation as they should be installed with the least amount of bends in the tubing as possible. More bends will decrease the efficiency of the reflected light, and reduce the usability of the skylight.


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