Commercial Building Inspect and Maintain

Commercial Property in Naples, FLCommercial buildings need to have eyes on them periodically due to trade servicing and weather. Roof debris removal, gutter cleaning, roof drain check and clean, and general inspections.

Many commercial building have built in gutters. This means that the gutter system is a primary draining method for the roof. Also, the gutter is above interior or usable space. These built in gutter systems will back up right into the building once the drains become clogged with debris. All it takes is for one downspout to become obsolete with clogged debris and the gutter system now will get overloaded with a heavy rain.

Flat roofs on commercial buildings develop cracks and splits in the material waterproofing the roof. Also sealants that complement the roofing material become withered and crack to let water get behind the main roof system. Sometimes just a few minutes of walking around pointing out these details can save many emergencies, not to mention irate tenants.

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