Skylights - Curb Mount Skylights in Naples, FL

2 x 2 Curb Mount Skylights
VELUX Flat Panel Insulated Glass


Typically, we are replacing skylights that already exist. Either they are not clear anymore, or they have developed roof leaks. We prefer to install curb mount skylights, which just means that there is a curb attached to the roof and then the skylight “cap” installed on top. This way the skylight and the curb are separate and can be serviced as such. If the skylight has a problem, then it can be replaced without disturbing the roof. If the roof has a problem, then the skylight can be set to the side while the roof is repaired, and then reinstalled. Also, some roofing systems require a curb mount installation. Metal roofing, Tile roofing, Slate roofing, Wood shake roofing, and Flat and low-sloped roofing all require curb mount skylight applications in most instances.

If you don’t currently have skylights and want them, there are many things to consider. First, is the attic and what is above the ceiling area where you want the skylight clear of obstructions (like wires, lights, a/c ducts, etc.), then what is on the roof above this area (valleys, parapet walls, etc.). Also, we can only install the skylight to the roof, and others will have to be involved in the interior framing, drywall, and painting of the rest of the project.

If you currently have skylights installed, they can be repaired or replaced. If you don’t currently have skylights installed, then a re-roof would be the perfect time to install them.

     Traditional Skylight

A traditional skylight (also called a roof window, like the photo at top left of page) can be retrofitted without too much trouble. A building contractor would have to get involved to handle the work required to form it up in the house. We can install the curb, flashing, and the skylight.

     Tube Skylight

A tube skylight can be installed completely by Sunshine Roofing. All that is needed indoors is the planning of the tubing in the attic and a hole cut in drywall. The sheet metal tube is self contained and installed in the attic. This type of skylight is passive and reflects the light to a diffuser lens inside the home where it spreads out the light that is reflected down from the roof surface. The tube skylights are not for every situation as they should be installed with the least amount of bends in the tubing as possible. More bends will decrease the efficiency of the reflected light, and reduce the usability of the skylight.

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