New Tile Roofing Remodel -Bonita Springs, FL – Pelican Landing

Recently completed Concrete Roofing Tile

Recently completed Concrete Roofing Tile

Sunshine Roofing of SW FL, Inc. recently completed another concrete tile roofing addition in the Pelican Landing community in Bonita Springs, FL. This particular job was one where the existing roofing tile is not manufactured anymore.

With some hands on research we were able to tie in the new roofing tile to the existing roofing tile on the side of the home shown in the photo. You can see in the photo the line where the existing roofing tiles and the new roofing tiles meet. The color is pretty close. This is the only option (short of re-roofing the entire roof), because the existing roofing tiles are no longer available for purchase from the manufacturer. We salvaged as many of the existing roofing tiles as we could from the roof where the addition was built on to. Once the roof is cleaned the roofing tiles should be pretty close in color and it would take some effort to see the line.

The existing roof is approximately 12 years old at this time. Now that the addition is complete, they should have another 10-15 years before they need to worry about re-roofing.

Smaller roofing jobs that need a little more hands on attention is where Sunshine Roofing shines!

Please Be Patient!
As you know Hurricane Irma passed through our area last summer. We are currently out about a year on reroofs. Repairs and service work we are still somewhat flexible. We may not return the calls right away, but seem to be only a month or so out at this time. The best thing to do is leave a voicemail or email us. Even so, we may not return every call, or respond to every email. Please do what you have to, and we will contact you before doing anything, just in case you may have gotten your situation taken care of.
Thank you.
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