Tony Guarino

Tony Guarino is the owner/operater of Sunshine Roofing of SW FL, Inc. Visit me on Google+!

Should I Repair or Replace My Roof?

Whether to repair or replace your roof is a very common question. The answer is “It Depends!” I really don’t like the fact that in the roofing industry, many roofing contractors are pro-replace, so they will always lean to replace.… Continue reading

Why Replace My Broken Roofing Tile?

Broken roofing tile causes crack in tile roofing underlayment.

Broken roofing tile can cause problems to your roof eventually. It may appear that nothing is happening, but over time problems can pop up.

A roof leak can develop due to the… Continue reading


So, we get a call from a frantic customer and they are not happy when we tell them it will be a few days before we can go look at the “worst roof leak ever” (customer’s words). Fortunately,… Continue reading

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