Save Money on Roof Vent Leak (NOT ACTUALLY) by Installing Gutter System in Attic

Gutter System in Attic to Control Roof Leak


One way to save money on a roof vent leak repair is to install a gutter system in your attic to channel the leak to the soffit area. This photo shows just that, a real life attic gutter system. Incidentally, this 8′ off ridge vent had to be replaced after the gutter system started leaking. Homeowners can sometimes be very crafty about getting past roof leak problems. It may not actually have been to save money, but a way to get past the problem more quickly.


By the way, Sunshine Roofing of SW FL, Inc. does not actually recommend this technique. We recommend calling us so we can investigate and give you a free estimate for roofing repair. Once we got approval to replace the 8′ roof vent, we did just that.

Roof Vent Before

This is the existing vent before we messed with it. The vent was installed without any skirt flashings even though the tile was installed with fasteners.

Roof Vent after removal
Taking up the vent from the roof and inspecting underneath. Wasn’t too bad, probably leaking in the vent somewhere and had not completely rotted the wood yet.


Removing and replacing 8′ roof vents is something we do quite often. We don’t recommend installing 8′ off ridge vents. We recommend installing 4′ off ridge vents. The 8′ off ridge vents seem to develop a sag in the center and end up holding water which will rot out the vent. The 4 ‘ vents are a little stronger due to less of a span and can be installed with a slight tilt to keep the water off of them. If one is already installed we will work with it as it is more costly to try to retrofit two 4′ off ridge vents in its place. Installing only one 4′ off ridge vent in place of an 8’ off ridge vent just doesn’t seem to cut it.

Extra protection for Roof Vent

After we installed the new vent we tied in the new vent with cold process modified bitumen. This is the same product we use on flat roofs.




Roof Vent Right Way

Now for the lead sheet. This is to keep the water on top of the roof system. This tile roof system is that type of system.




Roof Vent all finished

All finished! Looks just like it was installed from the beginning.




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